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Turnkey wedding organization



Organization of the wedding celebration begins with a meeting with the bride and groom. We get to know your love story, interests and preferences. Then we inspire you with bold ideas, offer our creative solutions and you choose the wedding scenario.

Choosing a location

Choosing a wedding location sets the tone for the entire event. We offer a wide range of options from cozy restaurants to country estates in the countryside.

We Make Your
Dreams Come True

Zoning and wedding decoration

Floral design supports the atmosphere and format of the wedding. Together with florists, we will develop a design concept for you, which will include details for decorating each part of the wedding day.


Photo and video shooting

Wedding photos and videos are the beginning of a family archive. We will select a team of professionals who will preserve the most valuable memories of your family!

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John & Alisa

LA – 26.04.2023

Mike & Amanda

NY – 26.05.2024

Steave & Julia

SF – 01.06.2024

Minimalism Wedding

Minimalism has become a major trend in wedding style, and let me tell you – there is beauty in simplicity. A minimalist wedding is a beautiful event that evokes understated elegance.

Shabby Chic Wedding

Shabby Chic reflects the taste of life through a mirror that is very old. The picture in it is alive, although peculiar. You will literally be transported to an environment when people appreciated every detail and little thing of their environment, making it calm and comfortable.

Boho Wedding

If you love rich deep colors, then a boho wedding may be just what you are looking for. Weddings in this style are popular with many brides. They have a distinct soft and romantic earthy feel, inspired by nature and beautiful outdoor views.

About us

Thanks to our vast experience and professionalism, we have thousands of satisfied clients. For 10 years now, the wedding agency has been creating the coziest, warmest celebrations about you and your genuine feelings. During this period, we have become a small, but part of the history of more than 1000 families and are proud of our friendship with them. We work all over the world. Our unchanging love is conceptual weddings in unexplored locations with 1001 details, each of which will tell about you.

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